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The language of the Unconscious

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 @ 12:32 am
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On 12.10.2006, I wrote sth interesting about tacit knowledge and the language of the unconscious…still thinking about it:

“I feel that the ‘knowing’ I am experiencing in relation to my topic is unconscious. This raises a number of questions around how to bring it to consciousness. First of all, I am thinking that the language of the unconscious is our mother tongue…is that’s the case, no wonder I can’t find my voice about it in a second language (English). On the other hand, my academic thinking is in english now so wouldn’t feel capable of writing such a thing in my mother tongue either…how could I compromise that conflict in a useful way for this process? What would be the pathway, the door towards tapping into this experience in me? Cause if I do not do that within myself, how could I be the midwife for the participant’s delivery?”

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