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Heuristic Research & Creativity

Thursday, January 18th, 2007 @ 2:31 pm
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As Moustakas (1994:11) states: “From the beginning and throughout an investigation, heuristic research involves self-search, self-dialogue and self-discovery“. This process has been very intense during a period of months now and it often brings out either the hopeful or inspirational sides of the self or other, darker or more negative ones. As I engage in this self-dialogue and since I am a self-reflexive practitioner, seeing myself and all of us in that ‘journey of becoming’, it is often that more than one roles operate inside me, including that of the client, the counsellor, the researcher. Demonstrations of such a process come out either in a shift within relationships or through writing text or even in more creative ways (important part of the heuristic process) like in a form of a poem, dream, drawing etc. In addition to that, there is a hope for self-healing or coming closer to a more integrated whole, as a result of being on the research field. There was a momnet during a rainy evening in autumn that I wrote the following poem:

On Wednesday, 11 October 2006, I wrote:

If I was my therapist

If I was my therapist
I would have listened carefully
to my voice of despair,
I would have been alert
to what was being said,
I would have been companion
to what remained unsaid

If I was my therapist,
I would have offered my hand
to my inner child,
I would have comforted my restless tears
I would have hugged my baby
and put it to sleep

If I was my therapist,
I would have shown belief
to the confused teenager,
I would have admired the beauty
of the emerging woman,
I would have let her grow
without loading her with fear
in the name of protection

If I was my therapist
I would have welcomed
my woman of today,
I would have allowed her shine
in all her glory,
I would have watered her flower
and fed her fertile soil

If I was my therapist
I would have asked God to hold me
so that I could hold myself in turn,
I would have invited His light
to invade me and swipe the darkness away
I would have trusted the process of surrender
to make me the medium of my own healing

If I was my therapist…

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