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Blogging and Self-Disclosure

Friday, January 19th, 2007 @ 3:01 pm
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Posted in  Literature, Reflexivity

I ve been bulding up this blog for a few weeks now but have noticed a resistance in me about making it public. Is there something around self-disclosure that provokes that? Although, as a counsellor having gone through therapy, am used to ‘revealing’ aspects of myself, so it’s something often taken for granted in the counselling world…

I think, it’s time for the blog to get public and for me to overcome my kind of ‘reserved’ side…or have I become ‘too English’ by now? 🙂

Douglass and Moustakas (1985) (Heuristic inquiry: the internal search to know. Journl of Humanistic Psychology. 25(3), 39-55) stress the value of self-disclosure in heuristic terms:

“at the heart of heuristics lies an emphasis on disclosing the self as a way of facilitating disclosure from others – a response to the tacit dimension within oneself speaks a similar call from others”


Kim Etherington (2004) (Becoming a Reflexive Researcher: Using Ourselves in research. London: Jessica Kingsley), in her chaper about autoethnography, she states that “bringing the self (auto) into the field …has attracted counselling and psychotherapy researchers and practitioners” and besides teh tension within psychological traditions about self-disclosure, she makes personal repsonses to the stories she is listening or shares her own stories, as a way of ‘mutual creative meaning-making’ (Shaw, 2003:59)

so (p.141):

“Autoethnography feels a familar and useful way of conducting research, and has provided a methodology that legitimises and encourages the inclusion of the researcher’s self and culture, as an ethical and politically sound approach that takes into account the ‘complex interplay of our own personal biography, power and status, interaction with participants and written word’ (Rossman and Sallis, 1998:67) ”


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“Blogging and Self-Disclosure”

  1. Your blog is public from today! 🙂

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