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Friday, January 19th, 2007 @ 2:18 pm
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This week I have set up the goal to complete writing up the two papers for publication I have put on hold for a couple of months now. One will be around the use of focus groups in counselling research (to be sent to the BJGC) and the other one will be around the content/findings drawn from my pilot MSc study (to be sent as a book chapter for WW’s forthcoming book. (at the same time I shouldnt forget working on the book chapter with C.L.!). As I go back into my files and books to warm up my thinking so as to get into ‘writing mode’ for those papers, I came accross an email that I received from Dr. Mary Fukuyama in September, responding to my email. Interesting points to take into account:

Dr Fukuyama, on September 18th 2006 wrote:

“Process dynamics in therapy are often difficult to research. I like your idea for your focus group and you will probably be an original contributor to this area.A few simple observations: culture itself is invisible until made visible through contrast or other consciousness raising techniques. Spirituality is also outside of the usual vocabulary, although more of a “felt sense.”  Sometimes I think of gestalt process as more linked to spirituality and also Gendlin’s focusing technique, beyond “talk therapy.” Values which are associated with spiritulaity and religion are imbedded in counseling, but again, how do you make them explicit? Just some thoughts, more questions than answers.”


“it may be easier to discuss things that are more concrete (cultural examples) than subtle and intuitive. My sense is that spiritual meanings are culturally imbedded just as religion is culturally expressed. As example, cultural variations on the meaning of the afterlife and death. What is the soul? Concepts and names of God”
So many arguments come into play, i need to trust that the process will lead me to clearer research questions…journey into the unknown again, insecurities need to be overcome, once again!

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