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Meeting with Clare, 24.1.2007

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 @ 3:16 pm
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I have arranged to meet with Clare tomorrow. Here are the points I would like to look at with her:

  1. talk about the possibility of looking at counsellor training as part of the PhD. I want a bit more of her insights about what she has identified as ‘needs for further research’, after finishing her own PhD and drawn from her experience as a trainer. She knows about training in the UK, where counselling is well-established, and I was thinking of looking at counsellor training in Greece, where the area of counselling is pretty new. I think that I like the area of personal development groups, also thinking about how ‘culture’ affects the way training curricula are designed (i.e. can we teach any counselling model to whichever country without taking into accoun the culture’s values etc?). When I was in Greece, I met some of thhose that deliver counselling courses in private institutions…am not sure about the quality of those programmes etc but certainly it is an area that needs further development in my country
  2. learn a bit more about what she is doing with BPS. Given the problems I face in my country in terms of recognition of my qualifications etc, is there anything I could benefit from if I get registered with BPS? not sure if Clare could answer all this but it’s worth looking at it…shall i do a ‘conversion’ course in psychology? Could I have sufficient APL? what is the procedure? Also does she know if the taught doctorate programme gets recognition in other countries?
  3. I want to talk to Clare about my confusion/anxieties in relation to making my PhD focus specific. I need some practical advice about how to see the PhD as ‘smaller’ chunks or goals that I can outline and achieve at each time so that it doesnt feel so huge and unmanageable. I know that Clare could help me more if I went to her with a clearer idea of what I want to do and then we made a sort of ‘plan’ together…am anxious that I am not having that clear decision yet but it’s better to talk about it with somebody that has been through the process rather than struggle quietly on my own
  4. I would like to ask Clare if she wants to be my CPD Advisor/Mentor for keeping my BACP accreditation. This woudl mean that i could consult her every now and then about my CPD needs and ask her to sign the ‘Personal Info Record Sheet’ that I fill in every year to submit to BACP for my accreditation renewal.
  5. remember to ask Clare if the certificate we get when awarded the PhD says PhD in Education or PhD alone (this is cause of all the problems caused in Greece with what certificates write…so if i am doing a PhD in the counselling area and it says that it is in education, i might be given a hard time…as usual)

Will come back to this post later on, after our meeting, to record any useful conclusions

after the meeting:

we talked with Clare about all the difficulties I am facing in Gr. regarding the recognition of my counselling qualifications, the systme of nepotism in employomet, the battle with psychologists etc etc etc. Clare thinks that she has heard many such storied from other Greek studnets and she thinks that this topic of not beind ‘allowed’ to ‘transfer’ professional identity from one country to the other could be on its own a PhD project…I do not think I am going to do that as I know it would take a lot out of me if decided to ‘battle’ with the systems….we finished our meeting with more questions than answers due to many pieces lacking on the whole puzzle – Clare was mostly supportive in all that

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