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Saturday, January 27th, 2007 @ 5:40 pm
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….after a couple of days of feeling ‘numb’ around my process, i had an urge today to start writing and made a start with writing my bit of my ‘story’ that is rleated to the topic of “managing transitions and integartion of original and host culture”…for the book chapter am writing with C.L. I haven’t come too far with it, as it requires me finding ways to express processes that touch me deeply but am glad that I seem to be finding a voice for this kind of experience and even finding relavant literature for it. It feels painful to be writing about a personal experience that hasn’t settled well inside but there is a positive side in me that says that something good and helpful will come out of this…i just need to be courageous. I am chosing not to put my writing here in public yet as it is a document that will be submitted for publication to ‘Sage’ later in the year…but this is a kind of ‘narrative inquiry’ i just started doing, a way of writing which incorporates my own ‘story’ and the debates around the topic…let’s see what comes out of it

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