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We carry our culture like the tortoise its shell…

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 @ 12:27 am
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This is a ‘metaphor’ borrowed by one of Pittu Laungani’s articles that I have been contemplating on recently. I have often used this metaphor to describe processes around the sense of  ‘at home-ness’ and I remember thinking about it that way especially when I was counselling refugees and asylum seekers…it was realy like carrying their home on their back. However, when talking with a colleague yesterday and mentioning it to him, he told me that the tortoise carries the shell on its back, which makes it quite slow and difficult to move…and mentioned the idea around finding ‘home’ inside and be able to ‘outgrow’ one’s boundaries or sense of secure space in that way. This made me think of the mataphor in a different way.I am thinking around this sense of ‘at home-ness’ (or lack of it) in cross-cultural counselling and within myself as a ‘bi-cultural’ person. Where is ‘home’ after all?

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