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About Body-Mind-Spirit balance (encounter with Lynda)

Monday, February 12th, 2007 @ 9:24 pm
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It seems I am going through a period of re-birth. It started a while ago and has involved a number of experiences with strong emotional responses. Now, it feels like i have to be strong enough to make a ‘breakthrough’. This might sound irrelevant to the research process but, actually, is not. In order for me to find the ‘researcher’s voice’, my top priority shall be my own well-being. The topics I have been involved in during the research period have been woven through so many personal experiences and this has not been, and still isn’t an easy process. But I nead to respect my pace and allow for things to emerge at their own time.

I met with Lynda Ankrah  today and we had a very powerful conversation. I have just finished reading her book, titled: “You, Me and Us: Exploring our inner realms of Being” (2006, Grosvenor House). As I was reading during the week, i went through an inner journey of who I am and how things that have happened to me have affected where I am standing now. I need to do some processing and self-affirmation so that healing can take place. Lynda helped me re-consider certain negative assumptions and re-connect with my female energy and what she calls ‘feminine spirituality’….in that woman of me, the researcher also exists…probably in ‘incubation’….there are so many ‘conditions of worth’ that are burdening me that I have somehow internalised anger and sadness to the extent that I have lost my creativity…but all the potential is there and i have to be very careful in looking after myself so that I can invite the positive energy to flow within and become receptive when good things are being offered to me…I consider this day as a new beginning…thank you Goddess

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“About Body-Mind-Spirit balance (encounter with Lynda)”

  1. If you can learn to be equally physical, mental, and spiritual, you will glide into a new kind of unified perception where the invisible will become visible, the intangible will feel real. You’ll gain a stunning insight: you’ll understand the paradox that you are simultaneously an individual and universal in your identity, with no sacrifice to either. I am “Me,” and I am “Us.” “I” am part of the “Us” and “We” are part of “Me.”
    This allows you to matter-of-factly draw intuitive guidance from broad, mystical sources: from the collective mind of all people, from the planet itself, and from the past and the future.
    But how does this state of balance actually feel? When your body, mind, and spirit become one, you’ll feel more authentic, more grounded in your personality, and at the same time you’ll move in harmony with the currents of action and guidance generated by the collective consciousness. You’ll experience your mind as present within and distributed throughout your body, as your body, and you’ll discover your spirit is inside your body as well and is guiding you. You’ll have access to all of yourself in every moment. No longer will you feel you’re partial or missing something.
    When body, mind, and spirit are unified, when you direct your attention outward, you’ll experience life as a unified field of boundless, free flowing energy and knowledge. You’ll feel your identity as something greater than before, a presence that is everywhere, that is inside everything in the world. “You” won’t stop at your skin; your body will feel like the nucleus of a cell whose walls you can never reach. Insight will come from everywhere, from all aspects of yourself, all at once. Life will feel familiar, familial, companionable yet brilliantly spontaneous.
    How balanced are you right now? Do you use one aspect to the detriment of the other two? Or do you forget to use one of the aspects, causing a lopsidedness in your personality? Develop your underused aspects.
    Balancing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
    Write about your most comfortable mode of expression (body, mind, or spirit). Describe the way you make decisions, organize your life, engage in your favorite activities. Body: Are you instinctual, “grounded,” movement- and stimulation-oriented; do you like concrete results? Mind: Are you skilled with verbal expression, good at analyzing, organizing, measuring, and conceptualizing? Spirit: Are you inspired, a visionary, often “not of this world”?
    Write about your least comfortable (or missing) mode of expression. What do you avoid and why? Body: Do you avoid completing things? Are you afraid commitments or possessions might tie you down? Do you dislike details? Mind: Would you rather hoe the garden or ride your bike than read and philosophize? Do you avoid planning things? Do you feel uncomfortable with people who talk too much and “analyze everything to death”? Are you unconcerned with the reasons for your actions? Spirit: Do you avoid stopping your work and activities and have a hard time letting go and just being? Are you unsure of your purpose? Do you feel that originality and inspiration are lacking in the things you do? Is form more important than content?
    From seeing which aspects of yourself are most natural and most avoided, which aspects need more development to balance out your nature? (Hint: If you’re uncomfortable with your body, you might do something physical using a familiar mode. For example, do something physical in a mental way, such as exercising and measuring your heart rate, building something, or doing yoga postures, or do something physical in a spiritual way, such as free-form dance, tai chi, or hands-on healing. Use the aspects you know to bridge yourself into the underused one or ones. Write about how you could balance yourself.)
    To unify the three aspects of your consciousness, you must first merge your mind and body. The mind must come into the here and now and be alert. If you bring your point of awareness inside your physical body and give total attention to your body’s reality, the mind and body will become integrated and you won’t be able to distinguish them. When mind and body become one, you’ll experience a surprising and magical result: spirit, the third aspect of self, instantly reveals itself as having been present all along, throughout mind and throughout every atom and cell of matter. So when you merge mind and body, spirit floods through both.
    One of the simplest methods for attaining body-mind-spirit unification is a three-step meditation. In step one, you bring your wandering attention inside your body and place it in its natural “home,” the geometric center of your brain. This brings your conscious mind into your body. In the second step, you drop your awareness farther down into your body and establish a conscious link with the earth, integrating the basic life force energy that funds your physical existence. In the third step, you activate your heart, which is the true seat of the soul in the body. As you expand into the world with the soul’s awareness, you’ll perceive everything from that high, yet neutral, frequency.
    I recommend that you use this technique as preparation for any intuitive work. Once you complete the three steps of the meditation, you can continue to meditate quietly.
    Trust me these is all that its all about i have tried it and it sure works…………to be continued

  2. Thank you Black Man for your contribution. i wish i could reach all this you are suggesting,I have to work more on that…I am actually hurting a lot right now and am trying as much as possible and whichever way I know to overcome my ‘spiritual’ and life crisis. The help from Lynda was valuable but I shall find the courage and trust in myself to make the steps of finding balance in life…there is a lot of grief involved. I want LOVE to come into my life…especially love of life

    I am dedicating to you and what Africa brought into my life the following links:

    Yoruba Spirituality and African Spirituality

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for saying hello F. and glad to see your blog having gone live! It’s a great tool as there is always lot’s to say. Hope the blog helps you to pull things together and becomes your friend along the way.

  4. Oh, sorry, sent of my comment before I finished it off! All this technology,…. Well, my PghD seems to be flowing and I am just about trying desperately to keep up the pace my project is setting! Would be great to see you though soon. Next weekend I’ll be teaching in Slovenia, maybe week after? Look after yourself really well and wish you good winds and a fair tide.

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