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Such a long, busy day…need time to digest (supervision, careers, CRG)

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 @ 11:32 pm
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Posted in  Ethics, Supervision, Training/CPD

I feel tired but had a very ‘full’ day, my brain feels like exploding-but it was worth it, it was productive!I had many meetings that left me with loads of info and processes to digest and reflect on. I will record the main points of the day, things that worth keeping in mind:

1. Supervision with William: so much to talk about: we did some ‘mapping’ of the research. it seems as if i have two topics, have to decide what i do for the Phd and what i do, maybe at postdoc period…i taped our session which is good, will listen to it soon and come with more reflections. I have to email a couple of Greek academics to ask some information on Literature, will do this tomorrow, with freshe time

 2. Met with Janet Willis at Careers Service. We talked about my CV and my career path. I am considering of gaining some experience in career guidance to combine it with my counselling skills and maybe broaden my career opportunities when back in Greece. She gave me quite a few info and also said she will talk to her team about me. there might be some sessional paid work there or i might dedicate a few hours as a volunteer…very friendly and helpful woman, let’s see what comes out of it

3. CRG meeting

Today’s session involved the following presentations:
-Ronit Bowman: Environmental factors and their influence on counselling
-Terry Hanley and Clare Lennie: Evaluating the use of the CRG
-Jim Byrne: The Art of Research and Student Perceptions
-George Brooks and Liz Ballinger:The challenges of the present day counselling trainer

I attended a very inspiring focus group, organised by Ronit about the impact of the counselling room on counsellors and their practice. I had so much to say…i volunteered to be interviewed as a research participant for her research, looking forward to it. This is how she described her research:

“Hi my name is Ronit I am currently doing my MA, which is based on the environment in which we counsel.  The question I am asking is; what affect does the physical counselling environment have on the practice of counsellors?When we look at the space we counsel in we tend to think about it from a clients perspective, however I am interested in the counsellors side, our needs, the control we do or do not have over the environment, shared accommodation”

Then, i attended Jim Byrne’s presentation about the “Ethical Researcher”…he was so demonstrative, really entertained the group. Here is a summary of his piece:

“Jim’s focus is on how postgraduate research students understand what research is and how to do it.  His study is a “teacher enquiry” into how students learn to become competent researchers.
As Jim has said: I am willing to present a seminar on The Art of Research, which is designed to serve the following goals:

(a). To provide the audience, with an insight into research which will serve them well when they come to doing your own research project; and:
(b). To provide me, Jim Byrne, with an opportunity to collect research data/information for my own research, which is on how postgraduate students think and feel about particular kinds of difficulties in their research.
(c). If participants are interested I am willing to offer follow-up training events, either face to face or over the internet, to help participants to become competent and confident researchers.
(d). Anonymity and confidentiality of participants will be protected, as will their right to be treated with respect and dignity.  Participants can opt out at any stage during the event, without needing an excuse, and without saying anything in defence of their decision.

Finally, William’s presentation on Counselling Training in Kenya.There were ‘echoes’ of my topic in there, around cultural perceptions of counselling etc

I want to get down to more writing tomorrow, i need to try to find focus on my research, am getting many opportunities for reflection…but need to be writing!…otherwise the processes get kind of lost…need to keep focused and bit more disciplined, not ‘give in’ to my emotional responses around the topics…It was a good day today!



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