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About happiness…

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 @ 12:02 am
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Interesting thought from Baba’s ‘Thought for the day”…grounding us in reality:

“The Ishanatraya (triad of desires) of Dhaneshana, Dareshana and Putreshana (desire for money, spouse and progeny) is responsible for man’s misery. Wealth can never provide permanent happiness. Spiritual wealth is the true wealth. Man is not able to enjoy true happiness due to his greed for money. Yet, he craves for money. No doubt, money is necessary but the wealth you accumulate should be under certain limits. The second is Dareshana. One may marry and have children and enjoy family life for a while. But such happiness is not lasting. It is foolish to think that one can remain happy for ever in family life. The third is Putreshana. There is nothing wrong in aspiring to have progeny but the happiness that results is only temporary. Therefore, none of these can give true and lasting happiness. Know that you do not need to search for bliss outside. It is ever within you”

Yes, it’s true…I shall look/work on more happiness…within

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