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How to Just Be

Monday, March 26th, 2007 @ 10:42 am
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Whatever the tasks, whatever i do, i know i can not produce any work,any research, any relatonship etc without being able to just be….there is so much emphasis in the ‘doing’ that things do not flow after all…it’s been a while i have been feeling ‘stuck’, hence not much entry lately in this blog…i just need to BE for now…i just found the following poem that ‘speaks’ some of this truth, it is by (1996):

“How To Just Be”

I am
in the present – the now.
All is perfect, whole and balanced.
I will not believe in old limitations and lacks.
I will not judge, but accept and understand.
I will be as I was created to be perfect and whole.
Free of the past, it has no control, only to learn from it.
I open myself to the wisdom, that is part of that which created me,
and is part of me, and within me.
I move on the new – forward to release old patterns.
The more resentment I release, the more I can receive and give love.
I will love all as I wish to be loved.
I must see myself as an individual, unique and special.
All my experiences have formed the facets of the special jewel,
like no other, which is myself.
To see myself as Soul and this body only as a vehicle for this world.
For I am part of the creator and the energy, that I came from.
Every day I can be what I choose and think thoughts,
that will create what I choose.
I will allow all to be, what they choose.
I shall be balanced in all I do.
I will not be a victim of circumstances or others standards.
But the master of my destiny.
I will be whole.
I will achieve the greatness that
I am.

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