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Meeting with Sarah, about on-line cross-cultural counselling etc

Thursday, April 12th, 2007 @ 8:27 am
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After publishing my letter to BACP titled: “Accredited Therapists practising outside the UK” in Therapy Today Journal (Vol.18, No.2, p.23), where I raise the issue of the need for professional support for BACP accredited counsellors practising outside the UK, i had interesting correspondence starting off from other colleagues in the same situation. Sarah, a counsellor planning to move to Turkey contacted me and we arranged to meet today. I was very please to meet her, we got to know each other and talked around the areas of moving to another culture, the circumstances, the excitements and anxieties involved etc. She shared with me her plan to work as an on-line counsellor, given that counselling doesn’t really exist in Turkey and suggested some relevant web links. This made me think about this possibility for myself, to maybe start building my own counselling website and do this kind of work, regardless of my physical location. I think i would start it in English and them maybe also have a Greek version of it, although am not sure how the Greek audience would respond to it…but who knows? I have already written an email to my ‘webmaster’ brother to discuss my idea and request his technical supprt for setting up teh website…I could also make a link there for my blog and have a section for my research. This sounds exciting….also a bit anxiety-provoking given that is a total different way of working (although i already have some experience of it…so many colleagues do it, why couldn’t I?)…but now, i need to focus on me here-and-now priorities, back to PhD work…

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