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Reading ‘counselling/therapy texts’ in my mother tongue

Friday, April 20th, 2007 @ 2:18 pm
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As I am preparing for the ‘cross-cultural workshop’ to be delivered in Athens, I am reading counselling/therapy texts (books, articles etc) in my mother tongue. I observe this not to be that easy since my counselling identity is formulated via the english language, I have been practising in english since the beginning of my training and i have been exposed to related written material in english etc for so long. As i read the text in greek, i find myself trying to translate the counselling terminology in english so that i can make some sense…this is emotionally confusing I shall say, to some extent, in ways that I am not totally aware of or that i can explain. It feels as if I am Greek as a person (although even that is blurred because my person-hood is deeply influenced by the english culture…I could describe myself more as bi-cultural and bi-lingual) and I am English as a counsellor/professional. The question that inevitably emerges here is how to sit comfortably with those two (or even more, am sure) aspects of the self in a Whole, in a self that feels united and integrated…what is the me in me really? I think that this question involves quite a process at an unconscious level. I am just posing this question to the Universe for now and let it rest and maybe reveal its nature as time and self-inquiry unfolds…

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