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Thinking about setting up an on-line counselling service

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 @ 2:43 pm
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It is a few weeks now that the idea of creating a website and setting up online counselling practice has re-occured. This way of working would challenge the diffculties I am facing around counselling professionalism in my home country and most importantly, it would be an excellent way of accessing clients from different cultures and putting my cross-cultural skills in practice. I am also wondering how this would enrich the research process as well. It is an idea that really worths thinking about more seriously. It is not an easy decision and there are many parameters to be considered but i know others that have done it and dis well. An exceptional website is the I also came accross an interesting article that can be found here. This is a matter i intent to explore further and am grateful to my brother who expressed his interest in dealing with the technical/management aspect of such a project

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