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Observing people…vision changes

Friday, May 11th, 2007 @ 1:44 pm
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Posted in  Personal Process, Reflexivity

I just came back to the UK after my brief travel to ‘homeland’ and as i came out this morning, i see my vision and perception of the surroundings changing…it feels as if the move from one cultural environment to another is sharpening up the way we view the world, there is a different kind of ‘sensitivity’ I am experiencing which i cannot easily put into words. Both England and Greece are two countries that I have immersed in, in different ways…as i have mentioned before, none of those feels like ‘home’, I am existing more in a ‘liminal space’, thriving for some sort of integration, which i tacitly know i cannot force…After living and working in the UK after several years now, each time I travel to my original culture (GR) i see/feel/think/experience my culture and the people in ways that i couldnt access before moving abroad. Similarly, whenever i am in the UK (after so many comings and goings), i again experience the culture in ways that sometimes feel totally familiar and other times as totally ‘foreign’

 As I was walking today and observing things, i kind of felt that everything around me had an ‘identity’. It is as if I saw the buildings as identities, i heard the sounds as identities, as if the colours and shapes had an identity…and definitelly I saw the people as ‘identities’, it was as if i could see their individual unique characteristics as more intense in front of my eyes, whilst being in touch with some sort of ‘collective’ dimensions of being and existence

 what is sure is that i am feeling ‘dizzy’ and playing with the languages inside me. Yesterday, when still in Greece, i noticed myselfm nearly responding in english when answering the phone at my parent’s house…and today, when i went to order a sandwish here in manchester, i nearly spoke in Greek…it takes some time to adjust and ‘sit’ in a particular cultural space, both in the outer and inner world…

and just before, i logged on the ‘thought for the day’ by Baba and found that message, which does relate to my thoughts….the ultimate goal is developing non-duality via love: click here

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