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William’s recognition

Saturday, May 12th, 2007 @ 10:29 am
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I think i shall start recording some moments of recognition that are so valuable and will assist me in keeping up my spirits when things get stressful with the whole PhD work…i also want to do that cause i have made a ‘new decision’ with myself – at a personal level – to stop dismissing the positives but pay attention to them more and draw ebergy and inspiration. So, W, my supervisor, wrote to an email (19.4.97) the following rewarding comments:

“reading your blog and aware of other work you have written I am dead pleased with your academic progress and output especially. Objectively you have made great progress. It has and still is very painful and I hear sometimes you can’t do much but you have done enough.Remember Alan Dyson’s notion of the PhD as a ‘masterpiece’ ie it good enough craft. You craft good enough.”

Well done to me! I shall keep positive…

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