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Out of culture…

Friday, May 18th, 2007 @ 2:55 pm
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 This is something that needs to be continued when i am more emotionally stable with it but I am making a start here and will continue this post later on. In an attempt to reach some integration of cultural identity, it is important that I monitor and acknowledge the ways I have experienced being ‘out of culture’ and all the psychological impact that this entailed. In that, there is a hope around the quote: “to lose the self is to gain oneself”…

-I felt ‘out of culture’ in my original home: I never felt like i fitted in my family, my values and ways of thinking and perceiving the self and the world are so different, almost as if we speak a different language

-I felt ‘out of culture’ in my original culture (Greece): even before moving abroad, i remember feeling suffocated in my original culture, as if i didnt fit, as if i was ‘greater than’, as if i couldnt find my place in there

-I feel ‘out of culture’ in my host culture (UK): I am a foreigner here and feel i cannot settle. I feel as if some things fall into place but so many others that are out of place big way…the restlesness continues

– I feel ‘out of culture’ whenevr i return to what is supposed to be my ‘homeland’ whenever i go back ‘home’…but as Sussman (2000) suggests “home is not so sweet” in cultural repatriation. The identity has shifted so much and he sees links between self-concept disturbances and cultural identity change. (see full article here)

-I have felt ‘out of culture’ in me personal therapy: i engaged in a therapeutic relationship where i constantly felt that i had to battle with being expected to fit in a ceratain modality and/or theory that was at the very far end of my own set of beliefs about therapy


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