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Reading:Autoethnography (Sage Handbook)

Friday, May 18th, 2007 @ 4:24 pm
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I picked up the Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research (3rd edition) by Denzin, N., K. and Lincoln, Y., S. (2005) and read the chapter Autoethnography: Making the Personal Political by Stacy Holman Jones. I think it is a powerful text but did tire me out after a while, especially when going into the ‘performance’ bit. I was expecting to fid more abroudn reflexivity and positioning the researcher’s own story into the research, sth that I am exploring in my own study but this paper wasnt written in that sort of way. However, i found some interesting quotes that i think i shall record for future possible use in my own writings. Here they are:

(p. 764)

“Autoethnography (as a balancing act) works to hold self and culture together, albeit not in equilibrium or stasis. Autoethnography writes a world in a state of flux and movement – between story and context, writer and reader, crisis and denouement. It creates charrged moments of clarity,connection and change”


“Tedlock (1991) characterised the ethnographer’s process as that of an amateur, which derives from the the latin amatus or to love (p.82). Written and experienced in this way, autoethnography becomes an intimate provocation, a critical ekphrasis, a story of and with movement”

also, very interesting article on autoethnography is THIS ONE by Sarah Wall!

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