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Between two countries…

Monday, May 21st, 2007 @ 4:18 pm
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Today I read the following powerful quote, which demonstrates vividly aspects of my experience of living between two cultrures:

“And ,now that life had so much promise in it, they resolved to go back to their own land; because the years after all, have a kind of emptiness, when we spend too many of them on a foreign shore. We difer the realitu of life, in such cases, until a future moment, where we shall again breathe our native air; but by-and-by, there are no future momenst; or, if we do return, we find that the native air has lost its invigorating quality, and that life has shifted its reality to the spot where we ave deemed ourselves only temporary residents. Thus, between two countries, we have none at all, or only that little space of either, in which we finally lay down our discontented bones. It is wise, therefore, to come back betimes, or never”

Nathaniel Hawthome, The Marble Faun (1860/1990)

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