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Methodology: positivism v. postmodern thinking

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 @ 1:43 pm
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As the review panel approaches, i know that one of the maain points i will be asked to defend will be the cloice of methodological chance in relation to the research.  I have read so many things around methodology during the past couple of years in particular. Earlier today i was reading a chapter by Colin Feltham titled “The Therapist as Researcher and Inquirer” cited in the Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2000, London : Sage) by Feltham and Horton and fond some useful quotes worthe recording for later use:

p.710: Positivistic research principles and methods are inappropriate for grasping the subtleties of the therapeutic field, and are better replaced by new paradigms ofhuman inquiry which honour the wholeness of the human being in the practice-research gestalt

The author also suggests the practitioner-researcher-critic-creator model that i have used before in my MA dissertation (2002)

Here is also a useful quote by Petruska Clarkson (1997:6, Beyond Schoolism, Changes: 1-11):

“The time may be ready for a transcultural, transtheoretical, transdisciplinary perspective which is genuinely based on learning by enquiry (dierotao) – research in the widest, most philosophical, most objective and most subjective sense of the term”

These quotes are good for power point presentations as well!

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