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Around the use of second language

Friday, May 25th, 2007 @ 3:32 pm
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One of my anxieties around the possibility of returning to my original culture, Greece, to conduct my data collectionb research interviews is that I have an agony around whether i will ‘lose’ any of my competency and fluency around my english….and if that happened,how on earth would i manage writing up a 80.000 words PhD thesis? Maybe this is also ‘data’ as William would say but it does make me anxious amongst other things in cross-cultural transitions

BUT…it seems am not alone in this. In an email i received from Mariljke today (a Dutch therapist working in Scotland) she said:

“Maybe for you an interesting point: As you know English is not my mother tongue either although I have spoken it for many years. But when I am placed in a position where I feel I am ’out of place’ my english somehow leaves me hanging”
Let’s see what happens with the languages and narratives inside me as i move between cultures
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