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looking for answers and guidance through symbols, events etc

Saturday, May 26th, 2007 @ 4:05 pm
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I am not sure I want to write more on this now but just wanted to say that during the last couple of days, i have been strugling to find ‘signs’ or ways to give me some direction around what to focus on for my PhD study as all the dilemmas until now actually make me very stuck and out of energy. I need to make a shift, to channel my potential in a meaningful way.I spent quite a lot of time with Christa (and her card with Mungo as a quide) that I am not sure how to interpret now (the concepts that came out were: Now-Friendship-Fortune-Union-Warrior-Inquirer, Never-Sun-Home……Voyage-Puzzle-Sage-Destruction (the story of Alice through the Looking Glass)…Yes)

I attended the workshop on Existentialism with Mick Cooper. The main concepts explored were FREEDOM and CHOICE…which are concepts that I am looking at personally….i am looking for a way to overcome my barriers and allow my self ‘to choose freedom’

alos, as I opened a page of Miss Clare..i came to teh chapter around ANODOS, KATHODOS and DIAXUSH….how interesting really…i am asking the spirit to assist me in making sense of all this process…please HELP…and help me get done with the review panel, please!

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