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PhD as relationship

Sunday, May 27th, 2007 @ 9:21 pm
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It feels like embarking into a research journey, the PhD process, is like a relationship with a lover…you sometimes adore them and other times just want to ‘kill’ them…I have been feeling ‘out of passion’ with the PhD for quite a while now, mostly due to my present personal difficulties in my life and how the Phd topic is actually related to my situation and my ‘wounds’

Following the workshop on existentialism yesterday, i spent most of the day today reading the PhD Thesis by Greg Madison on what he called ‘existential migration’…my personal story is definitelly in there and i have been trying to find links and triggers to formulate my own research proposal around counselling and culture…the day began with me feeling quite anxious and although I havent gone that far with my writing up for the panel, i kind of feel less upset towards the end of the day…am i becoming more tolerant of the topic and my relationship to it? Am i coming to some sort of inner acceptance? Am i just tired? Is it cause I earlier prayed that i receive some help to get away from that place of ‘stuckness’?  I am not sure what it is…it feels as if sth is changing but am not quite capable of seeing or naming it yet…please come…I am opening up

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