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“Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”…

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 @ 4:00 pm
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Well, today it is really a positive day…after a lot of inner battle and waves of procrastination and resistance, i worlked very hard during the last few days in particular and produced a research proposal as a draft which actually received such positive feedback from my supervisor. I sent it to W. yesterday and this morning he responded as follows:

“Your writing  is a tour de force absolutely brilliant! You show so much depth and breathd. I would hope that any concerns they might have could be explored in a useful way in the review meeting. You show good scholarship. I had forgotten what an impressive writer you are. With this quality you could get a job in an English Uni – you probably don’t want this but it bears saying whatever your Greeks think. Don’t forget Manchester is in the top 40 world wide. -“Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”

How wonderful words from my supervisor! and this final phrase is really challenging: i can see that i have massive potential which is very likely to be sacrificed on my return to Greece…i wouldn’t be the first child that ‘mother Greece’ is eating up (like in the Greek myth of Medea)…..Greeks love drama……bloody hell! I dont want to be so dramatic anymore, i need to find ways of being happy, whatever the external circumstances….the Greeks of today are really miserable, to my eyes…and this is sth that can be revealed to native eyes only when you move away and also mix with other nations.

There are even references for that: as Sussman (2000) states: “in daily interactions with culturally similar others, cultural identity remains unformed or unrecognised”. There is research suggesting that one’s culture remains invisible without the experience of contrast to another and personal cultural identity becomes visible through the experience and process of cross-cultural transitions (Grabosky, 2005)

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