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strange dream

Monday, June 4th, 2007 @ 7:53 am
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I am aware of the fact that I was ‘processing’ the problems with the research proposal during the night,in my sleep…it was anxious sleep, couldnt find solutions or make sense of things. As I was waking up this morning, i remember ‘asking the unconscious’ sort of thing to give me a solution and the word that came to mind was the ancient Greek name “Antigoni”…wonder still what is this all about: when I look at the etymology of the word. what comes up is: anti (=against) + gene, gono (in greek: gennw, gonos = generate, parent)….so,what is this? sth ‘against giving birth/against generating/agenst parenets’? ….or sth related to the character of Antigoni by Sophocles, in the ancient greek drama?

Don’t know how to process this…if it is important or helpful ‘sign’ for my moving on,am asking the ‘unconscious’ or the ‘universal consciousness’to bring me more insight, Thank you


what I was struggling with during my sleep was referring to the ‘dualities’ appearing in my PhD which offer create division in my inner world and intellectual process and I end uo getting stuck. As I was thinking about it jus before, read this thought below by Sai Baba,which I shall keep reminding to myself:

“Man may love the body, the mind, the Buddhi (the intellect) or the Antah Karana (the Inner Instruments). Love for the body ends with the death of the body. Love for the mind results in bondage because of the aberrations of the mind. Love for the intellect results in endless speculation and enquiry. Love for the Antah Karana promotes the ego feeling. It encourages dualism (separating man from God). Only the one who realises his oneness with the Atma can experience infinite bliss – the bliss that is eternal”

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