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Listening on interview recordings

Friday, June 8th, 2007 @ 5:58 pm
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Posted in  Data Collection, Personal Process, Reflexivity

I spent most of the morning/afternoon today listening on the recording of the research interview with M. and remembered what an engaging process that is. I know that doing verbatim transcription is far more tiring…but listening to the tape and also keeping notes with a reflexive attitude is also very demanding (and interesting process). I  think a good point to keep in mind is that a researcher may be ‘catching’ into awareness different nuances each time he/she listens to the recording – depending on ‘where’ one is at that particular moment. Also. i have a sense that location place a role for some reason, maybe more so in my case where I am researching ‘culture’. When sending an email to William with my fieldnotes, i wrote amongst else, the following comment which appears useful to reflect upon in the future:

“I dont know where this though is coming from but i have the intuitive suspicion that it is likely that i will be ‘listening’ different things in a research tape, depending on where I am (in which country) when I am listening to it….wondering what is that about? Am i getting more attuned with the impact of space (location,country, house,country, culture) is having upon us?I keep reminding myself that being architects’ daughter seems to be having some links to this research journey…deeper than i thought…..maybe transgenerational stuff around ancestry, relationship with ‘home’ etc”

It feels like the heuristic process needs a lot of time and to be allowed to unfold in a natural flow that sometimes is restricted by deadlines etc.However, i know that working within time limits is important, otherwise the whole process would just go on and on forever. I sometimes feel that I am far ahead, ‘in deep waters’, other times I feel as if I have only started and cannot see the end of the whole process…time and place seem significant factors to the whole doing (and being) of the PhD, let’s see where it takes me


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