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Grounding (earth, culture, ecopsychology, Jung etc)

Saturday, June 9th, 2007 @ 7:28 pm
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Posted in  Heuristics, Personal Process, Reading

After having spent much time with reading, writing, agonising over research dilemmas (in conjunction with many dilemmas and conflicts in my personal life, deeply related to the process of finding peace with my ‘roots’ and working towards integrating my host and original cultures within) i felt the urgent desire to connect with nature and be nurtutred by it. I went for a walk with JP at a park and after walking around in the greek, feeding ducks etc, we lay down on the soil. I so much needed to feel the sun on my skin and be connected to the Earth…is there something around the need for grounding? (i somehow see this as very necessary for anybody in a heuristic research journey, as it appears quite demanding for the person).

This makes me think about what we call Ecopsychology and i guess that since location and space,place, ground are concepts deeply connected with the topic of culture, this area doesnt seem at all irrelevant. I would like to do some more reading on this, but maybe not now as i have to go back to ‘panel’ work. I do record this useful link though.

 also…sth interesting from Jung:

“Jung was interested in the idea of the nation, and he makes innumerable references to “the psychology of the nation” and to the influence of a person’s national background. He says that “the soil of every country holds [a] mystery…. There is a relationship of body to earth.” [11] For example in 1918, Jung asserted that the skull and pelvis measurements of second-generation American immigrants were becoming “indianized” [12] It can be seen that even in such craziness, Jung was not thinking along racial lines, for the immigrants from Europe and the indigenous Indians come from different races. No, living in America, living on American soil, being part of the American nation, these are what exert profound physiological and psychological effects. “The foreign land.. has assimilated the conqueror,” says Jung, and his argument is not based on race but on earth and culture as the matrix from which we evolve. [Mind and Earth”, vol. 10 (1927). ] Earth plus culture equals nation.”

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