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In preparation for the Review Panel

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 @ 2:52 pm
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Firday is the submission for the review panel proposal and other documents. I am working a  lot the past few weeks but feeling quite stressed, especially cause my laptop broke down just now that i need it the most. This means that i shall work in the library etc (out of home anyway which makes my everydayness very tiring). I am also frustrated that i do not have access to all my files so this makes me more stressed out. Anyway, i cant do anything about it and moaning will just waste my precious time and distract me from working with the rapid and focused pace needed right now.

 The more I read, the more i discover but feel that i shall leave the proposal as it is and focus on how to best defend my ideas, whilst being open to the panel’s feedback/contributions that will bring improvements to the whole project. I keep going for now, hope that my laptop can get repaired soon…i need it!

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