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Getting unstuck

Thursday, June 14th, 2007 @ 10:44 am
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Am submitting review panel documents tomorrow and it feels like things have somehow ‘come together’…i was feeling kind of stuck lately but i had valuable disussions  and feedback with a number of people that i wish to thank: William, Clare, Steph, Jim, Ann…am not sure how exactly this happened  (maybe through immersion) but as S. pointed out to me:” It might be interesting to include in your thesis your process of fast tracking from stuck to unstuck in the space of 7 days”. In the paper by Lennie and West (under review) titled Dilemmas in Counselling Psychology Research, I read relevant points:

In relation to the experience of stuckness during the research process, they write:

“If this stuckness can be held and seen as part of the process, as it is in a therapeutic relationship, the stuckness can be worked with, resulting in greater reflexivity and methodological adaptations or shifts”…..”such stuckness can be welcomed in the same manner in which it is welcomed in the therapeutic process where is not seen as being incompetence but as valuable information about the client or in this case the supervisee’s research process”

late on, they pose the question: “In what way the stuckness might mirror or in other ways cast new light on the phenomenon being researched?”

I think these are good poins to keep in mind, to assist me whenever getting stuck…there is learning in all of that

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