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panel presentation

Monday, June 18th, 2007 @ 2:53 pm
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After having submitted the text documents for the review panel coming up next week, i am now working on preparing a powerpoint presentation. I need to decide what to include and what not, how to structure in so that i can give a comprehensive√ā¬†overview of the research. William is going away to SPR in the US so i wont have the chance for more feedback from him until the day before the panel. But, i can have some peer feedback, maybe meet up with Cormac and talk about our presenations, he is preparing one as well. I generally dont feel anxious to stand up and make a presentation, this one maybe makes me a bit more nervous that usual because i am supposed to ‘defend’ my research plan. I am also working on the presentation for the conference on 3rd July, i could probably do similar readings for both of those presentations. Let’s see how the week goes ahead, am trying not to stress myself too much.

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