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Interview with Abd. 20.6.2007

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 @ 5:06 pm
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Last week William introduced me to a colleague who is visiting the UK for a short period, after having immigrated to Canada (host culture) and working there as a therapist. This was such a unique opportunity to interview him for the research. We arranged to have an interview today. I feel amazed by how powerful a research interview can be, even when it is with somebody that you meet for the first time. So much rich data came out of the encounter and i feel enriched by it (although I notice that i tend to feel quite exhausted and hungry, after conducting a research interview…i guess it’s cause it involves deep processing and level of engaging). I wish i could dedicate time to hear the recording today and make notes about it but i know that i need to stay focused on preparing the panel presentation so, i have to postpone that for later.

I wil just record now a few things: A. is a male therapist, on his early 40’s, born and grew up in the UK of mixed cultural heritage (mother: english, father: african). He described his approach as integrative/eclectic.He did his original training in the UK and then continued in Canada where he has been living and practising for the last 5 years in a ‘governement’ therapeutic setting. There are so many thinsg that came out from the interview, will write more when i do the transcript and analysis. What stood out for me was that his cross-cultural transition was from a multicultural culture (UK) to another multicultural culture (Canada) – in contrast to my experience of leaving a monocultural society (Greece) to come to a multicultural one (UK). His narrative gave a lot of new dimensions for me. I was also struck by how confident and open he was towards change and moving abroad, almost as if it was an existential move that couldnt avoid and didnt feel as traumatic…he actually offered a very positive, although challenging, breeze of the whple phenomenon. We went quite deep into the dialogue and he said that he felt quite excited talking about those issues because there are questions so fundamental to his experience that he is never asked for.

In a ‘thank you’ email i sent to him soon after the interview, i wrote amongst else:

“just wanted to thank you for the interview and all you have shared with me. It
was quite a revelation for me cause your story and attitude showed me a
different angle, a different way of being. As i have already told you, i
experinece a ‘splitting’ in my own story and a restlessness around now finding
home or comfort anywhere.I hope i can be strong enough to
stay with all the aspects of the phenomenon, however painful they may be at
times, but also be able to transcend those feelings and be able to do the
your narrative involves such a sense of inner freedom…am sure it is not always
easy for you either but what you communicated to me was a breeze of possibility
and hope
i do very much want to find home inside at some point. Am not there yet and
maybe it is a futile quest to be looking for it somewhere ‘out there’. I guess
my childhood wounds come to the surface as a result of doing this research
(around attachment etc) but you did say at some point that there is a ‘choice’
in all that. i want to choose to free myself from the baggage and ‘settle’
inisde and outside comfortably….but then…cause the home and peace with self is somewhere to be found within
i will leave the process sink in for now, it would be interesting to see what
thougts/processes you have had after the intrerview…i welcome anything you
would share with me about it, if comfortable…you can choose to remain silent
as well (as you said, there is a voice in silence)…from a researcher point of
view, anything you would continue sharing is data…but on a personal level, i
also respect that you might just want to leave it there…we said so much
within 1.30hrs anyway, how amazing!”

Will come back to my ‘reflexivity’ around this interview when i have the chance to listen to the tape…

Will come back to my ‘reflexivity’ around this interview when i have the chance to listen to the tape…

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