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Myself as research participant

Friday, June 22nd, 2007 @ 5:36 pm
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Posted in  Data Collection, Reflexivity, Research Participants, Supervision

As I am thinking about the choice of Heuristic Research as methodological stance for my PhD, I can see more and more the importance of reflexivity and acquiring a perspective and way of being at all stages of the research where i can find a balance between my ‘own story’ of the phenomenon I am exploring and that of the co-researchers. Earlier in the year, i had the idea to ask William to interview me as if I was my research participant and record the session. This didnt happen then as I was still in immersion and trying to make a number of decisions around the ‘how/what to do’ bit. Now that I am coming to the end of the first PhD year, i feel it will be very useful to such an interview. I am actually thinking that iy woulbe be very useful if I can do 3 research interviews with myself as interviewee (and William or maybe Colin as the interviewer) at the end of each PhD year. During this periods i will also have experiences of moving between my host and original cultures and the whole phenomenon will be evolving inside. At the same time, during the coming year, I will be doing the data collection (will be myself the interviewer and listen to participant’s stories) and the two processes (mine and the co-researchers’) will be running in paralell ways. I think it is important to record all that. I will bring this idea in supervision at my next meeting with William.

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