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Panel and conference presentations: the two wheels of the same vehicle (bike?)

Friday, June 22nd, 2007 @ 3:00 pm
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During the past week or so i have been revisiting the literature to discover quotes etc for the two powerpoint presentations I am preparing for this coming week: one for the review panel and one for the research conference. The two presentations are on the same topic, my research, buthave different audience, different purpose and different style. I notice that i find it far more difficult to prepare the slides for the review panel: this is cause the style is to be less personal, more based on the ‘to do’ and the facts of the research and it is to be presented to non-counsellors who will maybe ‘critisize’ (i hope in a constructive atmosphere) my work and kind of decide on whethere i can proceed. On the other hand, the presentation for the conference has the more ‘personal’ flavour of the research, i feel the freedom to tell my story to the audience of peers and feel that I am allowed to ‘move’ and ‘touch’them if i wish to, without feeling threatened, i can be more myself

As I am in heuristic immersion in the literature, looking for those quotes that can capture what i want to say in just few words available in a powerpoint slide, i can see that those that fit in the conference presentation come out more easily. I still struggle with what to include in the review panel one…is it cause i want to hide my personal story cause it feels too exposing, especially in an audience that might not be that sensitive and decides upon my research progression? Maybe there is an element of that


the point that feels to emerge through this process is that in the actual PhD, I will need to find a balancing act between writing from a heuristic, personal, deeply self-involving stance but also keep an eye on the practicalities and the ‘to do’ side of the whole process. The processes I am engaging into through preparing those two presentations at the same time, clearly reveal me that.

and the metaphor that came out earlier today about this feels even more interesting: the two presentations are like the two wheels (subjective/heuristic and the more factual/action one) of the same vehicle (research journey/process)…it’s a bit like finding a balance when riding a bike!!! The seat is between the two wheels but the whole vehicle is a whole and the rider is moving along with the whole vehicle, in full balance, at the speed, pace, rythm he chooses to. Both wheels need one another to stay and keep moving on the ground…I remember myself being a kid and learning to ride…how could i imagine that that this may also be a research skill? :) 

and of course i can’t help myself not think my supervisor’s cycling as Bill-on-bike! And when I read his blog recently, he did talk about liminal spaces when on the bike etc

Will post this to him soon, he will be on plane soon, returning to his bike….I shall keep the pedals going now and complete my bike ride until 3rd July that the 2nd presenation will take place. And am aware that is my birthday on the 2nd July, i wish to consider it as a new beginning for the research process as well, will share all this to our next PhD group supervision session.

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