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Monday, June 25th, 2007 @ 5:41 pm
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I had a meeting today with Clare about the review panel presentation. We looked at the powerpoint I have prepared and she thought it was quite good. I have quite a few slides in and need to keep in mind that the presentation is 15 minutes only. When I tried it out in front of her i managed to go through it within time.

Clare prepared me for the fact that usually at those panels, thet might be looking for ‘errors’ or changes to be made but i shall not be disappointed by that, it’s good to remain confident and receive any feedback constructivelly. She showed faith in me and i felt more confident after our session cause i can see that i have prepared the best i could. I am trying to take it easy, i am looking forward to when the panel day is over and i can proceed at my own pace again.


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