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Pre-panel ramblings and readings

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 @ 7:14 pm
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I saw William today and we went through the powerpoint panel presentation together before sending it to Alison. We had a very interesting discussion, he felt that the presentation was well structured and that any debate occuring shall be seen as an opportunity. I feel confident that it will go well tomorrow. When i came home, i felt the need to listen to a taped interview, as if i wanted to bring the ‘liveness’ of the researc into my mind and carry it with me to the panel. When i listen to the data, i get inspired. I think i got tired recently by wrestling excessively with the writing and wording of the proposal. I am looking forward to setting up for the data collection activities – the interviews. As the evening proceeds, i am doing some reading on heuristics, reflexivity etc to freshen up my ideas. It feels like I am ready for tomorrow…i received a text from Chris that he will be praying! Allso, William suggested that i write a paper about “blogging as a heuristic research tool”, what a great idea…

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