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PhD Panel day-all went well!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 @ 7:03 am
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I woke up this mornig feeling kind of flat. i knew i had done my best in terms of preparing my research proposal to present it at the review panel but, i was kind of ‘de-spirited’, which i dint like at all.i was feeling a lack of faith in myself,maybe sth around ‘i dint really care about PhDs right now, i want other areas of my life to be resolved really’. However, it would be very annoying if i didnt pass given that i dowant to do this PhD, i was offered fudning for it and i want to believe that it is a process that will facilitate my inner growth but also generate useful insight and service for others.

it actually went better that i thought. there were challenging questions but the whole atmospherein the meeting was that they found my topic very interesting and contemporary. ( i was asked about how i position the research in the wider research literature, then questions around methodology and how i will analyse the data etc). William was very pleased afterwards. All went well, thank God!

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