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At the Research Conference…

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 @ 10:44 am
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We had the Student Research Conference here in Manchester at the School of Education. I did two presentations which were both well attended and received positive/constructive feedback.

1. First one was with P. and J. about the experience of the PhD review panel. There was a lot of discussion about what is needed to prepare for it, the anxieties involved etc. It was interesting that J. introduced us by saying: “Here is a victim (me), here is one of the torturers (P.) and I am the organiser of the torture”…everybody laughed, it’s good that i have left this process behind now and can get on with the more ‘normal’ PhD life. I shared my own story with examples etc and answered to a number of questions. Some from the audience approached me later and said they found it very useful!

2. My second presentation was about my research, with emphasis on counsellors moving between cultures and how the sense of ‘at-homeness’ affects our identity and counselling work. There was discussion generated which was stimulating. I noticed a shift in my approach (as Ann also highlighted to me) that i now talk more about the positive effects of the phenomenon, rather than the whole drama and trauma around it…which is good. After me, there was a presentation around cultural identity by a scottish colleague which really fitted with mine. The whole session was inspiring, it seems

It was also great to have Pat coming from Liverpool and discussing with her the whole situation in Greece around counselling and possible business plans we could set up, let’s see what the future holds!

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