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Supervision with William 19.7.2007

Thursday, July 19th, 2007 @ 2:54 pm
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I have arranged to meet with William today to ‘touch base about how things go with the research. Since the review panel and the student conference i was busy with so many things, whilst feeling tired, hence flowing slowly, not too productive. But that is ok, i need a brake. we talked about the following:

1. Research participants: i haven’t managed to get in touch with the Kenyan collegaue, still looking for the south american one, hope to manage to do an interview before flying abroad. if not i will try to find her in september, i will contact a few Greek potential participants, when in Greece

2. William agreed that i could interview some academics about the topic, such as Greg Madison…will try to get down to London after my hols and also find some other interviewees there. i need to be organising myself more when travelling is included in the data collection process

3. writing for publication: i need to submit a book chapter to william within August for the book he is editing. we also talked about co-authoring a paper we have discussed about. i need to get my head down but my mind is elsewhere…lying on a beach and relaxing 🙂

4. talked about the possibility of my teaching cross-cultural psychology at HAU. I have laready sengt a CV, hope it all falls into place if this is the right move for me! I guess this might give me research-related opportunities as well

5. talked about finding a ‘screening tool’ (maybe questionnaire?) to put on the blog to help me identify research participants. maybe i shall talk to Terry or my brother about that

6. About liminality: a lot of discussion about counselling as a liminal position, the counselling room in liminal spaces etc…..i feel quite liminal, william feels liminal….we connect! The research shall include a section on liminality resulting from the experience of cross-cultural transitions

7. Myself as research participant: William will interveiw me ‘as if i was my participant’ at the end of each PhD year…this can be great autoethographic data, we will do the first interview tomorrow

 will leave it there for now. time to get some rest…

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“Supervision with William 19.7.2007”

  1. Hi F., Looks like you have been really busy. Thanks for the contact to the student counselling net work. I need to write Clare a generic email tomorrow, which she can send out to her contacts so may send something similar to the person you have recommended. I hope you had a good time with your Greek friend and hope Greece will be hot and sunny for you. see you when you get back, best wishes gudrun

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