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Reading Gilbert.J. (2006) on Counselling & Globalisation

Saturday, July 21st, 2007 @ 6:22 pm
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In the brochure for the forthcoming BACP Annual Conference, to be held in Birmingham, i discovered a reference for Jane Gilbert. Her website is and her articles are cited.

One of those articles, which i found excellent read is Gilbert, J. (2006) Cultural Imperialism revisited: Counselling and Globalisation. International Journal of Critical Psychology. Special Issue: Critical Psychology in Africa, 17, 10-28.This article could actually be a good start also for the paper i am planning to co-author with William, titled: “How do we know we need Western Counselling?”

The above paper by Gilbert is challenging the appropriateness of the application of North American/European models and ideas, also in the field of counselling and mental health, in other non-western cultures. Counselling is described as ‘a cultural export’ which shall be used tentativelly. The example of Ghanean trainee counsellors is discussed. excellent read, need to come back to it again!

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