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Made a couple of contacts

Saturday, August 4th, 2007 @ 11:59 am
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Just a qucik update on the blog before i go on holiday and internet access gets difficult for a couple of weeks. After a wave of procrastination, resulting from accululated tiredness and a sort of ‘re-entry shock’ i experience when visiting my home country after living abroad, i put my head down and send a couple of research related emails. One was at a potential interviewee participant in Greece, who was recommended by a friend. The other was to Prof. M.M.L in relation to my PhD progress and discussing about co-authoring a paper maybe. I have to be patient during August given that most of us are on holiday, and i need it as well…but i have a couple of interviews lined up for end of August, early September. I need to get myself organised with the data. It’s good to get into the analysis soon after each interview and do the transcripts. Otherwise there is the danged that i will feel drown under too much stuff and lose hindsight about how to handle it….am off for a swim now!

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