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Supervision with William, 18.9.07

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 @ 1:31 pm
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Am having the first supervision meeting with William for this academic year today. Here are the issues I wish to raise:

1. Data collection so far, make a timeline ahead (W: continue what i do for now, i can later decide how to shape the Thesis)
2. My worries around too many variables appearing in the research: shall i just continue as i do now or would it be wise to set boundaries for analyses purposes? (W: this depends a lot on whether am taking a postmodern or more positivist approach to research…i can explore that decision at various points of the process until i form a genuine stance)3. Linking my PhD research to BACP developments (meeting with Alan J. in October)
4. Abstracts for Conference in India (January 2008) and Berlin (July 2008)
5. Book Chapter for William’s book (W: need to send that soon, email William for clarifications!)
6. Literature Review Chapter (where shall i draw from? what to include, what to exclude?)
7. Co-supervision with Maria in Greece (the Greek case study etc)

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