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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 @ 1:17 pm
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Posted in  Personal Process, Supervision

As i came back from the supervision meeting with W. yesterday, it was clear for one more time that the Phd process involves continuous challenges around making decisions: around my theoretical stance (postmodern or what?), about what to include and what to exclude in the Literature Review, about who to involve and who not to involve in the data collection, how strict my sample boundaries shall be, when do i stop collecting data, how am i going to analyse the data, to what extent do i want to expose myself as a researcher in the heuristic process etc etc…these are just a few of the dilemmas. There are also dilemmas around how to fit in the PhD life in the rest of my life: how do i organise my time? can i be in practice at the same time? how can i handle the emotional turmoil of managing my own cross-cultural transitions whilst researching the topic that is triggering my own wounds? how much ‘bracketting off’ i can achieve and should I anyway? how much holiday can i have? What resources do i need to maintain my well being during this demanding process? when am i actually writing? when am i reading? etc etc etc

Apart from the academic side, the Phd is encouraging me to develop life skills really about how to manage myself. It is like having a young child, a baby that needs ongoing nurturing and looking after and keeps being ‘there’ when the rest of your life still happens…and so much planning agead is needed as well…so, another opportunity for growth, for maturning, for taking responsibility and managing oneself…like my own PA, my own manager…

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