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Baba’s quote about “diversity”

Monday, September 24th, 2007 @ 10:07 am
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I just read an interesting quote at Sai Baba’s site, on the “thought for the day section”, which made me think about a different perspective around the whole diversity issue that often comes up as a theme in my research. I think it is useful to record it here for possible future use in my thesis. Here it is:

“Difference in beliefs and cultural practices among men are well known. Although climatice conditions may be the same in various regions of the world, the ways of living and practices of people are diverse. This diversity is inherent in nature. It is not a defect, but an adornment. This diversity is not to be seen among beasts and birds. That is because they do not have the power to think. Man alone has this capacity”

I like this quote because it is simple and because it normalises the concepts of ‘difference’ and ‘diversity’ that are often loaded with so many complex feeling strands.

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