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Researcher Reflexivity (paper by Finlay, 2002)

Monday, October 1st, 2007 @ 2:38 pm
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Posted in  Methodology, Reflexivity

I was sent a very thought provoking paper by Ann about reflexivity which triggered my thinking again about the Phd process and the writings am doing at the moment for my two conference presentations in India and Cardiff this year. I am aware of the waves of resistance that come out of me at every stage of the research, sth that seems to be justified by personal regression resulting from my intense involvement with the topic, as suggested also in this article by Finlay (2002) “Outing” the Researcher: The Provenance, Process, and Practice of Reflexivity (see full article here)

Finlay talks about the ambiguous nature of such research and also about ‘infinite regress of excessive self-analysis’. there is good input about how psychodynamic theorists see teh process. Finlay analyses how reflexivity can affect the research at all stages (from pre-researching to data collection phase, data analysis and presentation of findings).apart from the potential dangers, she also talks about the opportunity reflexivity brings in giving voice to experiences that are usually silenced. she also mentions that it can be a valuable tool to “enable public scrutiny of the integrity of the research through offering a methodological log of research decisions”…this is in many ways what this blog does for me…it can make me feel nervous at times but i can see clearly what a useful tool it will be to be coming back to and empowering myself as i can see the process step by step

I like her reference to ‘the quality of research craftmanship’…what an acurate metaphor and good title for a paper maybe!

Good to look for some of the references at the end of this paper as well

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