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Writing up a book chapter for publication

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 @ 3:35 pm
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After a wave of procrastination with this, i have spent the whole day so far trying to  put my head down in writing up a book chapter about Counselling, Spirituality and Culture (based on my MSc research) that will be included in William’s forthcoming book titled: “Counselling from the Edge: Innovations in Practice”. This is so exciting but yet feels so hard to get into the writing mode properly, sth that scares me in terms of how am i going to write a whole PhD. I can see that a routine is required but also the right mental, physical and most of all spiritual internal state and space. When i mentioned to W. about my resistance in the process, he commented by saying that am probably at a liminal inner space, provoked by the move between cultures and the situations in my life and inner world that is a great place to be for data collection but not an easy place to sit and write from. I guess, the only think i can do is continue trusting the process, be kind with myself and all am ‘cooking’ inside and try to have as much discipline as possible to remain productive. Today is was a good start…i cant wait to have the chapter completed, at least

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