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Feedback from participant!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007 @ 3:32 pm
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It seems that I am attracting the right people for my research and getting positive feedback which confirms the need for it really! I will interview an Austrian counsellor next week who now practices in the UK, in an email she said: ” am really excited about your research. I have not really explored this aspect with anyone else in great depths, except in supervision a bit. I look forward to meeting with you and found your questions very stimmulating!! I also want to thank you for sending me your powerpoint notes, I am working with someone at the moment, where your writing will be so helpful!!!”

Such words really show me that counsellors moving between counsellors are paradoxically not given much opportunity to explore their experience and its meaning, i feel stimulated by how people respond to my project and am glad i can contribute in useful ways. The last comment shows also the value of it for the clients as well…the dyad can meet more easily when in touch with the liminality of identity and way of living…

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