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Professional development: online counselling and supervision

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 @ 8:47 pm
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As i am reflecting on my blogging as a research tool, i have also been thinking of developing my cross-cultural counselling and supervision practice…with a new medium: the use of the internet, of course!. This is sth i have been thinking for a while now, as the web could be a very good ‘host’for my cross-cultural work, amongst else, especially cause i can do it without having a physically geographical commitment at a certain place and i can be available to clients worldwide, where i can offer my bi-cultural/bi-lingual and cross-cultural expertise. My Austrian research participant also mentioned this to me after our interview on friday and she actually gave me the contact of two colleagues, both trained and residing in Manchester, who have created such an online counselling service and i could affiliate with them. i am really looking forward at exploring this possibility and will do so soon. In the meantime, i want to do some further reading about this topic, here are some titles i have discovered so far:

  1. the BACP Guidelines for On-line Counselling and Supervision
  2. Technology in Counselling & Psychotherapy: a Practitioner’s Guide by S. Goss and K. Anthony
  3. Online Therapy: a Therapist’s Guide to Expanding your Practice by Kathleene Derrig-Palumbo
  4. Online Counseling: a Handbook for Mental Health Professionals by Kraus, Zack and Stricker
  5. E-Therapy: Case Studies, Guiding Principles and the Clinical Potential of the Internet by Robert C. Hsiung

Things i need to consider: training opportunities for online work, my indemnity insurance, supervision preferably with an online practitioner

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