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Quote on ‘transformation’

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 @ 2:08 pm
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I have been thinking on the concept of transformation of experience and found this thoughtful quote from Baba’s Thought for the day today:

“When a sculptor transforms a piece of rock into a beautiful idol to be worshipped in a shrine, what was inert and worthless becomes sacred. In the same manner, everything which is petty and worldly should be transformed in course of time into something sacred and divine. That is the real transformation that every man must aspire for.”

In terms of my research, it is good to keep in mind as an interviewer that each of my participants tries to make sense of their experiences in relation to how they construct meaning etc. I see that i have a wish to go beyond the hurdles of my experience when painful, to transform it and find new meanings in it. this shouldnt mean that i shall not be staying with the hard, shadow sides, it’s all part of the story…i shall just be aware of that so that i can ‘hear’ all sides equally or respectfully enough

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