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PhD Thesis Size

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 @ 7:06 pm
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During my last tutorial with my research supervisor, i was given a rough estimate of the different sections that form a qualitative Phd Thesis, this is something useful to keep in mind and i realise that although am still at the data collection stage, it is good to start writing draft chapters instead of leaving the whole thing to the end, which might end up quite overwhelming amongst anticipating that life still happens and there are unpreditable factors that might take up time. So, here are the average estimates that can lead to a 55-88.000 words thesis:Introduction: 3-4.000 words

Literature Review: 15-20.000

Methodology: 8-12.000

Findings: 15-20.000

Discussion: 10.000

Conclusion: 4.000

I know that each of these sections will have sub-sections that i cannot predict at the moment, they will appear as the data reveals all its themes. I want to finish by September 2009, which means that a good first draft is good to be given out for feedback by let’s say Easter 2009 to allow time for changes etc. Will be re-visiting  this time-schedule as the process flows. also keeping in mind that it is a heuristic study, therefore certain processes might take longer than i think….but maybe not, i ask for my creativity and inspiration to be assisting me and complete this PhD with a sense of purpose and service

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