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old neighbourhoods…the meaning of ‘place’

Friday, November 30th, 2007 @ 9:10 am
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am up in Durham/Newcastle to conduct a few research interviews. am aware of feelig emotional being here, this place was the gateway to my immersion to the british culture. O completed teh most important part of my counselling training up here and gained a lot of practice experience…it feels as if i was ‘formed’ in this place, at least as a counsellor – there are many personal memories related to this location of course. I remember when i was living in Durham that i had a sense that maybe i was born here (in a past life! the scenery has nothing to do with my greek homeland landscape, neither has the culture)…am wondering around the MEANING OF PLACE…as related to identity, culture, sense of at home-ness. I can see that PLACE has a heavy/important significance for me personally, but not all people put the same emphasis on that. However, a greek therapist i interviewed yesterday (she has lived in the uk for 9 years and now planning to return to Greece) was telling me that when it comes to create her own home (her family), then place becomes significant, culture becomes significant. I can see this being particularly relevant to the Greeks….or is it relevant to cultures that have strong family values and then the connection to the land becomes extremely relevant? so many dimensions to the whole thing really, too subtle…i cant come to generalisations of course and am wondering how i can claim any ‘truths’ in my PhD thesis because of that…will see what comes up, the process is still cooking

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